VIP-IBC: The Best Betting Software

The best betting platform

This article, is to present you VIP-IBC: the best betting software worldwide. For some newbies in the gambling field, this term might be unfamiliar, so let’s give a short definition. A simple definition of betting software could be a tool that allows punters to have multiple bets at the same time automatically. What for? To make sure bets or to let a bot look for the best odds for an event.

VIP-IBC allows you to place multiple bets on different bookies. There you will be able to access odds of the best bookmakers with a single account. Which bookmakers are there available? Sbobet, Pinnacle, Maxbet, Betfair, Matchbook, Betqad, Singbet, Betisn, M8bet, Winning FT, 18BET.

Advantages of a VIP-IBC account:

Higher stakes:

You don’t have to worry anymore for bookmakers limiting your stakes. With VIP-IBC you will be able to place bets at much higher than the stakes allowed in common bookmakers.

Future fulfillment option:

You choose your odd and your stake, and if it is not available at the moment the bot It saves the bet and when a bookmaker offers what you want, the bet is automatically placed.

Equivalent bets option:

You choose your bet and VIP-IBC bot finds it or finds a better one and places the bet for you. Putting in a few words: different types of bets but with the same outcome.

Putting offer on exchange option:

This applies when you make future fulfillment and the bot doesn’t find exactly what you want. So, 50 % of your unmatched stake is placed on exchange as a Lay option.

If you want to test all these features by yourself it’s time to join VIP-IBC: sign up for the best betting software.