February 27, 2021

Orbit Exchange Has Casino Now!

Latest addition to OrbitX

Orbit Exchange, as the name suggests, was a renowned betting exchange that offered the same limits and liquidity as Betfair. Until now! Orbit now offers live casino and card games. Therefore, now it is safe to say that the platform is more than an exchange and has entered into the big players’ playground. We thought that the latest news about Orbit Exchange might intrigue our visitors. That is why we decided to review OrbitX casino.

Moreover, as there are fewer and fewer leagues & tournaments still playing due to Covid-19, we know that most of the bettors have got familiar with e-sports. Well, we are thrilled to inform you that OrbitX offers the chance to bet on e-sports as well. In a nutshell, you will be reading the quirks and perks of Orbit’s casino and e-sports section in this article. If you are already aware of the latest additions to OrbitX and looking for a way to open an account, we advise you to ask for the best betting agent, BET-IBC’s help.

Live Casino and Card Games

Gamblers will find three games on the live casino section at OrbitX. One of them is Teen Patti, which is quite a popular card game whose origin traces back to India. Only 3 to 6 players are enough to play this entertaining card game. We believe that poker players will find it easier to play but it won’t take more than a few games to get accustomed to this game for even the beginners. The other one is again an Indian card game called Andar Bahar. Playing Andar Bahar is much easier compared to Teen Patti. Last but not least, you can play Dragon Tiger at OrbitX Casino. There is no doubt that baccarat lovers will love this game. All in all, the list of available live games at OrbitX casino may seem not enough at the moment. Nevertheless, we know that there will be new games added soon.

Live casino at Orbit Exchange

Don’t worry, if it doesn’t matter for you to play your card games live, there are more options to explore at the card games section. In this section, gamblers will find popular card games such as Blackjack, Card Derby Racing, HI-LO, Hold’em, Baccarat, and Omaha Hi. If your time is precious, you can play these games in turbo mode. Only Omaha Hi does not offer the turbo mode.

E-sports Market

While most of the sports events are suspended, e-sport tournaments continue without a problem. Players have the opportunity to compete online at their home. That is why e-sports are getting increasingly popular nowadays. Most of the bettors, who didn’t even know what e-sports are, have been looking for bookmakers that offer e-sports. We have already reviewed Pinnacle and 10bet, which are two of the most popular bookmakers offering e-sports, and OrbitX was not one of them until now. You heard it right! You can place your e-sports bets through Orbit Exchange. All you need is to open OrbitX account via betting agent and enjoy your time at home!