NBA postponed due to Coronavirus

How long will the NBA be postponed?

On March 11, Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, announced that the current NBA season has been postponed until further notice. It all happened after Rudy Gobert, who mocked the virus in a press conference, was tested positive for Covid-19 (Coronavirus). We know that you may not even want to hear this guy’s name because of his negligence that probably caused his teammate Donovan Mitchell to catch the virus as well; however, he also prompted NBA to take action, which ended up in a butterfly effect. After the NBA suspended the season, all major sports tournaments in Europe were called off one by one.

Most recently, Kevin Durant joined the list of players affected by Coronavirus. The 31-year-old superstar is among the 4 Brooklyn Nets players who tested positive for Covid-19. The names of the other players remain to be unknown. However, the executives told the media that all players who tested positive are under strict supervision and going through special medical care. Christian Wood, Piston’s small forward, was the other NBA player who tested positive for Covid-19 other than Gobert, Mitchell, and Durant.

NBA postponed

When will the NBA continue?

The best-case scenario is that the NBA will be back in action in mid-to-late June. The teams that will participate in the playoffs will be determined according to their current positions at their own conferences regardless of how many games they have left. Of course, this may seem unfair to the fans but the outbreak does not care about fairness.

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