Casinos To Avoid


perfectonlinecasino_casinos_to_avoid_cThere are just way too many online casinos on the Internet nowadays. At, we try to guide you to the best online gambling platforms only – casinos which offer the best quality of services, the best bonuses and promotions and huge pay-outs. However, you need to be aware that not all that glitters is gold and there are dozens of casinos that will leave you disappointed with your gambling experience. This is why we came up with this section, in which we present the worst gambling websites and tell you why they deserved this qualification. Reading this page will save you a lot of time, headaches and money!

Virtual Casino Group:

  • Bingo Knights
  • Bet Royal Casino
  • Club Player Casino
  • Cool Cat Casino
  • Dreams Casino
  • Lucky Aces Casino
  • Slots of Vegas Casino
  • The Virtual Casino
  • The Virtual Casino Group is famous for not paying out the winnings, very slow processing of withdrawals and poor customer service. In 1997, the owner of the casino chain was jailed for conspiracy and mail fraud in the US. Virtual Casino is based in Costa Rica, which doesn’t give you any protection or recourse in the case you have any issues with the operator. You can always contact a betting broker that offers betting services without limits and make sure you always secure your winnings!

    I have had the worst gambling experience of my life with the Virtual Casino. I made a withdrawal once and after that, they blocked my deposit for an uncertain amount of time. They also did not answer any of my questions about their wagering requirements to unlock a certain bonus. Yet, they continued to accept my deposits and tried to allure me with higher bonuses, which, again, would not unlock. I am sorry for everybody who trusts them and I hope you don’t make the mistake of opening an account with this casino group!

    First Grand Gaming Casinos:

    • African Palace Casino
    • Indio Casino

    The African Palace Casino proudly presented a South African player who won a huge jackpot in the Beach Life slots game. In reality, the winner stopped getting the promised installments from the group. First of all, paying winnings in installments is a bad practice. In the beginning, the player was ignored by the support team and was eventually told she would not receive any more from them at all. Although the case was brought to public attention and to the authorities, no results or reactions were shown by the casino group.

    Grand Duke Casino

    perfectonlinecasino_casinos_to_avoid_b_1Again, this is a stingy casino that doesn’t pay its winners. Their usual excuse is the “bonus abuse”, which is not specified anywhere in the terms and conditions section. In fact, their conditions are so contradictory, that it is hard to believe that anyone would ever agree to play at this casino.

    Further examples of irregular playing patterns also include, but are not limited to: …

    (iii) Wagering based on one specific slot machine, in order to significantly increase a bankroll, in relevance to the initial betting amount, and then switching to another game or request a withdrawal.

    In order to be eligible for withdrawal, you must have winnings from multiple games, in which winnings from any single game cannot exceed 50% of the total amount of the withdrawal request.


    Check this page often as we might come with some updates of new online casinos you must avoid at all costs. If you still need some help finding the best and most recommended ones, you can always check our casino reviews or find the best betting agent and ask them for an account as they work with the best bookies with online casinos. Your savings will thank you!