February 27, 2021


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As we may already know, betting agents are intermediaries between the bookmaker and the players. Sometimes we wonder what the agent’s role is if we can open accounts directly at the bookmakers. In the casino world, this query is often articulated. People who are from restricted countries and cannot gamble at the online casino of their choice can tell you how useful agents are. In fact, they might just be indispensable for bettors and punters. It surely is in order to have a relaxed and secure gambling experience If you are still wondering which agents you can trust for your favorite online casinos and bookmakers, we can recommend you some trust-worthy ones.

BET-IBC Review

BET-IBC -The best betting agentWe had the chance to open various betting accounts at different betting agents in the past. However the one that really caught our attention is the best betting agent. BET-IBC offers betting accounts at various Top Asian bookmakers. The bookmakers they offer are considered the best by most bettors. The reason is that they do not limit winning players. Their flagship product is VIP-IBC which is a platform powered by BET-IBC. It has offers from more than 10 different bookies including Pinnacle Sports, Betfair, Sbobet, Ps3838, 18 bet, among others. This is a betting software that suits both beginner and professional punters as it displays offers from more than 10 different bookmakers on a single bet slip with the highest odds and limits.

Also, BET-IBC has live chat support that can help with whatever questions you have. As for the minimum stake, it depends on the bookie. However, it ranges from less than 1 Euro to 10 Euro. Also, they offer a Skype Betting service where you can place your bets directly in Asia via skype. What’s more, here you have the guarantee of your bets not getting voided or getting limited for being a winner.

They offer payment methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, Cryptocurrencies, and Bank Transfer. You won’t get a headache funding your account with such a multitude of payment methods available. Also, there are tutorials on the site on how to open a Skrill or Neteller account.

Account – Exchange Review

ACC-EX -Agents for restricted countries

If you are looking for a broker for original accounts at popular Online Casinos, then a betting service with no restrictions is the right place for you. ACC-EX welcomes every bettor and punter. Besides offering online casinos at various bookmakers, they also offer original accounts at European bookies. BET365, Pinnacle sports, Matchbook, and others can be reached via ACC-EX. Among these bookies, BET365 has a live casino section for you to play at your convenience. Also, they have attentive and knowledgeable support that can help you 24/7. They do not only provide accounts at top bookmakers. They also provide a number of payment options including Skrill, Neteller, and Cryptocurrencies. You can use those to fund your account.

Sport Market Review

Sportmarket betting agent

Another broker you may have heard about is Sport Market, a free bet broker service, where you can get a number of private accounts amongst Matchbook, Sbobet, Maxbet and PS3838 which have a live casino section but access to these accounts may vary depending on your country of residence. They also offer a betting platform, Sportmarket PRO, where you have access to more than 10 bookmakers on the same platform and where you can bet on all bookmakers’ offers at a time with the highest odds and limits always.

One more thing that puts them in our list of priorities is their mobile application which we all know makes betting easier and exciting. So regardless of where you are, you can access your account and place bets. All in all, there are many betting agents in the market now but these are the ones we found worthy enough to mention. Choose the one that suits your needs the most and start gambling now!