February 27, 2021

VIP-IBC Review

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As you know, there are many bookmakers available in the betting world and this opens the doors of arbitrage for bettors as there are always differences between the odds given by each bookmaker. But, as you may guess, you need to follow the offers from each bookmaker yourself. This burden has become something that belongs to past memories only since the best betting agent for Asian bookmakers introduced their betting platform for multiple bookmakers, VIP-IBC, to the use of bettors! In this review, we are going to analyze the best betting software.

The best betting platform


VIP-IBC is a unique betting software which helps both beginners and professional bettors to get the best odds and highest limits for their bets. The unique platform has offers from 10+ bookmakers, among which are Betfair, Pinnacle, Singbet, Maxbet, Betdaq, and Matchbook. It gives you the chance to see the offers from multiple bookmakers with only one account and bet on them without having to switch between accounts. Also you have the chance to compare the odds given through only one page.


In fact there are many things that make VIP-IBC special but the one that will catch your attention the most is the betslip it has. It is not an ordinary betslip as you may conclude. It has many functions available within itself. Those functions let you not only get the highest limits and best odds, but also let you automate your betting strategy. You can find some of these functions listed below:

– Future fulfilment option saves the bets you want to place for a specific odd, entered as well manually. You can choose in the betslip the time for which the platform will save your bets, and once a bookmaker will offer the odds you introduced manually, the bet will be placed automatically.

– Equivalent bets are bets with the same result but have different odds. For example an equivalent bet can be under 0.5 and correct score 0:0.

– Skype Brokerage is another function available on the betslip that not only provides you highest limits but also opens you the doors of negotiating with the broker itself. If you are a highroller, it is quite helpful.

Alongside those functions, there are several things that makes the best betting software most suitable one for bettors and to open a best betting software account is free.


Whether you are a beginner or a professional bettor, this unique betting platform is the best solution for you if you want to get the best odds and highest limits in the market. Also, it is easy to use it with its user-friendly interface and their site is available for mobile devices as well. Additionally, you are welcome even if you are an all time winner! Check out all about VIP-IBC and take your step into winners’ world via best betting platform with multiple bookmakers by the best betting agent BET-IBC!