February 27, 2021


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Bet big for high rollers

In the following paragraphs, we are going to present the best options we have found and tested ourselves. Such options are the most suitable for high rollers. One of them is the betting platform for multiple bookmakers, VIP-IBC. The other one is Skype Betting. Moreover, these services are very simple and easy to use and will bring huge benefits to anyone.

While average bettors may find tons of options to place their bets and gather their winnings, those options are not always made for high rollers as well. For high volume bettors, the betting options available in the market are very limited.

Skype Brokerage and VIP-IBC betting software

Although it is very easy to find high limits for top-rated leagues and events, it’s very difficult to find high limits for any event; that’s why BET-IBC came up with an incredible function on its VIP-IBC platform. Skype Brokerage feature will allow you to communicate directly with the broker, hence, you can set up a higher limit than the one displayed. This way you are able to get the best limits possible and enjoy bigger winnings; so, if you are a high roller, don’t settle for less, take advantage of this great function VIP offers you.

How to use them?

In the first place, joining the best betting platform, VIP-IBC is very easy. Within VIP you will get odds and offers from top 11 bookmakers (both sportsbooks and exchanges) side-to-side; this will make even easier to choose the best option of all. So, after opening VIP-IBC account via a betting agent and enjoying its incredible service, requesting the enabling of the Skype Brokerage function will be the next step. Only if you want to maximize your profits, of course.

Skype Betting

Best options for high rollers

If Skype Brokerage feature just isn’t enough for you, then you are also provided with Skype Betting by the best betting agent, BET-IBC. With this, you will get the highest limits even in the smallest leagues; and the most important characteristic, of this betting service, is that there are no void bets! That’s right, now this one definitely sounds like the perfect option for professional punters and high rollers.

How to use it?

Using Skype Betting service is even easier! The first thing you need is a Skype account, which you are going to use to communicate with Bet-IBC Customer Support team. That way you let them know what you want to bet on; they will be in charge of finding the best of the best for you, and you’ll worry only to withdraw your winnings. Learn more about this by checking Skype Betting hard facts via a betting agent.